Faraday's RP Log Cleaner

The log cleaner takes raw log files (presumably captured by your favorite MU* client) and strips out junk such as pages, channels, OOC chatter, coming/going messages, and various other soft- and hard-coded command spam. It also adds blank lines as necessary so everything is spaced out nicely.

You can choose a log format, which tells the parser what things to keep and to ignore. Available formats are:

This tool has been well-tested, but there are no guarantees. If you're worried, keep copies of your original log files.

Wiki Formatting

If you're using the FS3 Combat Wiki format, you can either add a ".fs3combat" class to your wiki CSS, or add the following code at the beginning of the log:

[[module CSS]] .fs3combat { margin: 5%; color: gray; font-style: italic; } [[/module]]
Tweak the CSS to format combat messages as you like them.

Format a Log

Select A Log To Parse

Select A Format

This software is copyright 2010 by Faraday and is provided as-is with no warranty.